Episode 14 Recap: Countdown to The Final #TopChef Episodes

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“(______________) Please pack your knives and go. ”  Gulp.  The words every Top Chef contestant dreads to hear.  And yet, of all weeks, when I heard it was Lizzie, I was sad. Maybe she mistepped with the Salmon Sliders, but she certainly made up for it in Last Chance Kitchen with her Poached Salmon Stew with Fennel, Leek, Hungarian Paprika, and Sweet Pepper Flakes (for the record, I thought it sounded incredible!)  Here’s a recap of the episode…

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Anyone missing Stefan?  He certainly kept things interesting, right?  Since Kristen was saved in Last Chance Kitchen, she’s got another chance to go for the win (and dial up the drama)…if she doesn’t trip over her ego.. (Ouch, did I say that out loud?) 

This weeks food challenges were crab and salmon, two of my favorite foods.  If given the chance, what would you have done with them?  And while we are on the subject, which Top Chef dish would you “dish” on?  I was craving Brooke’s dish for two days straight, with Sheldon’s as my back-up drool.   What about you? 

Now Top Chef is down to three.  Who are you rooting for?  The bacon-loving Josh, the “young superstar” Brooke, or the manicure-loving Sheldon? 

The Top Chef finale is Wednesday, February 27th, so be sure to watch!

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