Holiday Guide 2010: Great Family Games

My family is big into games.  Board games, video games-you name it-we play it.  Even better, my best friend Doll Face’s family, are game people too, so when we get together, games are some how part of the mix.   Since we play so many different types of games, I like to think I have become somewhat of an aficionado about games, and therefore have some fun games to suggest to you.  The following are some must-have games, if your family are game people too!   To find out more about each product and/or to purchase, click on the game name. 

Ticket to Ride 
$37.64 at Amazon
I have become addicted to playing this game.  You are given trains in a specific color, as well as train routes. 
You must complete your train route without anyone blocking you, (believe me-they try) and get points for
various tasks along the way.  Whoever gets the most points at the end, wins.

Cadaco Tripoley Diamond Edition 
$20.13 at Amazon
This is a fun game to play with the whole family.  A fast-paced three part game of 
Hearts, Poker, and Michigan Rummy, in which you play for chips.  

$20.00 at Target
This game is hysterically fun.  Two years later and my sister and her husband still talk about the time I tried (unsuccessfully) to hum “American Woman”.  And the clay sculptures that are created?  Oh my!  Great for both adults only, and with the kids.

$13.62 at Amazon
Who can resist the classic tile version of rummy.  I have so many memories of playing this with my son and
husband, with Doll Face in Coronado, and with my in-laws…


$13.99 at Target/Amazon
This is the one of the hottest games this season.  Sure to become a drinking game someday, but for now, enjoy it with your family.  You bounce the ball and get into the cup.  If you make it in, the cup lights up.  Kids will have fun bouncing it off the floor, the walls, your dog, your back, etc.

 Foodie Fight: A Trivia Game for Serious Food Lovers 
Foodie Fight: A Trivia Game for Serious Food Lovers
$12.89 at Amazon
I have not played this yet, but it is on my own wish list.  Seriously.  A game about food?  I am all over it!

Pictionary – Udraw
Pictionary - Udraw
$31.57 at Amazon

The classic board game has come to Wii, and it is better than ever!  You do have to purchase the uDraw Studio – Game and Tablet  ($69.99) to play this, but it is worth every penny, and you can play lots of other Wii games with the tablet.